Chicago New Construction

Chicago New Construction is Our Specialty.


We will build  home of your dreams.

Aora construction has been working on Chicago new construction projects  since 2001. We have more than enough experience to build the house you will love. With our professional architects, builders and designers we can handle any project.
Building the new house could be long and stressful project which can bring many unexpected Challenges. With Aora Construction you don’t have to worry about any of that. We’ll make whole process clear and as pleasant as possible.
We want you, our customers to be happy.
We work only with experienced and reliable craftsmen and use materials of the high quality. We never leave the job until it is 100 % finished and you are completely satisfied.

Please contact as with any questions or concerns at (773) 823-0302.

What can you expect from Chicago new construction project?

What can you expect from Chicago new construction?
Most used and popular construction method in Chicago land area and whole North America is wood-framed construction.
Below are steps which are typical for Single family house construction process.

  1.  Developing construction plans and applying for the city permits.
  2.  Cleaning the site
  3. Building the foundation and pouring it with concrete.
  4.  Building the main structure using wood or metal materials.
  5. Adding sealing and floor wooden or metal joist.
  6.  Covering roof and outside walls with plywood or particle board and vapor paper.
  7.  Installing roof singles on angled roof or other materials for flat roof.
  8.  Covering outside walls with vinyl or wood siding. Brick stone or other materials could be used.
  9.  Installing doors and windows
  10.  Framing of the interior walls with 2×4
  11.  Adding Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, electric and gas delivery systems.
  12.  HWAC, plumbing, electric, gas and framing needs to be inspected and approved by city inspector.
  13.  Installation of the fiber glass insulation and interior drywall panels, plus patching and sanding.
  14. Installation of hardwood, Pergo, or tile floors.
  15.  Painting of the inside walls.
  16. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry installation
  17.  Countertops installation
  18.  Major appliances Installation
  19. Final inspection and moving in or sale of the house.

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